PDR Podcast #12

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Some more Good Rock Talk and even more TIM BASHIN’

PDR Podcast #11

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this week the Boys are all over the place with music from Pussy Galore, Grand Funk RailRoad, Chris Crofton, BackSliders, Gallows, Lucinda Williams, Mama Rosin, Artic Monkeys, Richmond Sluts, Kiss, Record Hop, The Monsters and NMore

PDR Podcast #10

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This week we do a Track by Track Album Review of the NEW!! Dead Weather Album "HoreHound" and Tim, Dave, Mottey and SnyderMan Bring you great RNR Talk about Dixie Whiskey, Bantam Roosters, Andre Williams, Tijuana Bibles, Cheap Time, Littel Killers, + MORE

you can Email the show at pdrpodcast@gmail.com

Voice mail 206-202-0885

Artist    Name
Eleven –   Flow Like A River
Dixie Whiskey  –  Hard To Tell
Carbonas  –  Hate You
Bantam Rooster  –  In The Manner To Which I'm Accustomed
Andre Williams  –  Pussy Stank
Tijuana Bibles  –  Gorilla Stomp
Cheap Time  –  People Talk
G.G. Allin  –  Son Of Evil
Little Killers   –   happy
Blood On The Saddle  –  Beer Drinkin' Man
Brent Amaker And The Rodeo  –  Sissy New Age Cowboy
Stiff Little Fingers  –  Gotta Gettaway
Anti-Nowhere League  –  Let's Break The Law
Local H  –  Taxi-Cabs
Mike Ness  –  Rest Of Our Lives

PDR Podcast #9

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This week we Bring you an Exciting PDR PODCAST full of GREAT TUNES and GREAT TALK!! Music from Common Rider, Spider Virus, Minor Threat, Ace, Those Darlins, David Allan Coe, Plasmatics, Hollywood Brats, Chelsea, Shitty Limits and More