PDR Podcast #21

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This week we do a Track by Track Review of the NEW STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS ALBUM!! and get RIPPED ON by the Helen Gore Podcast!! Good Times!!

PDR Podcast #20

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Burro Dave do you have something to SAY!!

PDR Podcast #19

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Tim Pop is back from Vegas and we are Talkin Weddings, New Babies, and of Course ROCK and ROLL!!!

PDR Podcast #18

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This week the PDR Crew celebrates the Marriage of one of there own!! Tim Pop gets Hitched LIVE on PDR to Beth Amber of the POP AMBER SHOW!!! it was a ROCK n ROLL wedding to remember!! the wedding was done by NONE other then ALICE COOPER!!!

PDR Podcast #17

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We are back with another 2 full hours of GREAT Music and GREAT TALK!!
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