PDR Podcast #8

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this week we start off with the NEW Cheap Trick Album Track by Track Review, llistener voice mail and emails, and music from GirlSchool, The DollyRots, Hurts to Laugh, Wheels on Fire, The PayBacks, Hicoids, Jay Reatard, Candy Now!, Lions, and More

PDR Podcast #7

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Mottey is back from Vacation but we are still short one Dave. This week we dicuss Punk Rock and what it means and bring you songs from. Mars Volta, Bouncing Souls, .357 String Band, Digger and the PussyCats, The Takers, Cockney Rejects, Apa State Mental, Cheap Trick, Rancid, Jack-O, Billy Talent, The Problematics, CKY, Beastie Boys, Hush Money, GrayLings, and More

PDR Podcast #6

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this week we Join PRC for a weekly dose of MUSIC TALK. with Tim, Jason, Steve, and Dave. Music from Cryptic Slaughter, Such Gold, Sworn Enemey, Elvis Costello, JellyFish, Pirate Love, SpeedBall, Oren Lavie, Detroit Cobras, Boris, Stupid in Stereo and More

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